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Understanding the car buyer

We’ve covered the “The 5 auto shopping moments every brand must own” Google research before. If you haven’t read it yet, grab it here.

For the sake of reference, here are the five car buying ‘moments’:

  1. Which-car-is-best moment
  2. Is-it-right-for-me moment
  3. Can-I-afford-it moment
  4. Where-should-I-buy-it moment
  5. Am-I-getting-a-deal moment

Today I want to explore step 5. We’ve already seen previously how offering trade valuations can assist with step 3, but what do you do about step 5?

Thanks to the internet, there has never been more transparency of pricing. Car dealers have it particularly tough because consumers can research invoice prices, MSRP, incentives and comparison shop at the click of a button.

It’s important therefore for dealers to keep a prospect on their website and not lose them to price. It’s very different when a customer is in your dealership where you negotiate a deal that works for the customer. Online however, you rarely get the chance to negotiate and put your best price forward. The result? A lost visitor and a lost sale.

The solution is to indicate to visitors that you’re open to accepting a deal on a vehicle. If a prospect remembers seeing a vehicle on another site slightly cheaper than what you’ve listed, you need to leave your visitor with the impression that they should make an offer on the vehicle versus abandoning their shopping journey.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is allowing visitors to make an offer, and accept multiple offers from multiple visitors. Why?

First, you won’t lose visitors who simply thought your price was higher than the dealer down the road.

Second, even if you don’t accept the offer, that prospect is now a qualified lead for current or future marketing.

Third, you’re always in the driving seat and can always protect yourself by stipulating the minimum offers that will be entertained.

With leadAffinity, we allow dealers to select inventory on which they are willing to accept offers. Visitors love to think they are ‘getting a deal’ and are typically interested in making an offer. Making an offer often stops them from shopping around on other car dealer’s websites. Best of all, leadAffinity integrates with your existing website so there is no expensive “rip and replace”.

Contact us for a demo and try leadAffinity on your website for 30 days at no charge.

What we learned this year

2017. It’s been a wild ride. We hope it’s been a good year for you, and that 2018 is an even better year. As the year draws to a close, we’d like to offer some personal perspectives.

Any company is made up of people and I couldn’t be prouder of the people that make up the dealerAffinity family. I include our employees, our friends, our families and our customers in this family. Every day I’m constantly reminded of how varied all our lives are. Every one of us are celebrating our own triumphs and fighting our own battles – whether it’s accomplishing that goal you’ve always set out to do, or battling with the health of a loved one, we go through life with ups and downs.

But when you surround yourself with people that matter, you never have to celebrate the triumphs or bear the burdens alone. So may you take the closing of 2017 to reflect on those that help you, lift you, encourage you and support you. Sometimes all that is needed is a simple ‘thank you’.

So, to all of you:

“Thank You”.

And we’ll see you in 2018.

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