lead Affinity


What is lead affinity?

leadAffinity lets you collect multiple offers for a vehicle, generating hundreds of leads, increasing revenue and moving vehicles off your lot. Keeps visitors coming back to your site!

Your Lead Magnet

Each offer becomes a lead...even those offers that are not accepted.

Grow your Revenue

Turn your site into a bidding frenzy, generate leads and sell more.

Move Inventory

Select vehicles accepting multiple offers and watch them fly off the lot.

Accept Multiple Offers on your Inventory

leadAffinity adds "multiple offer" capabilities to your site, meaning you keep all the business, engage your visitors and sell more. Why pay the big guys commission?

Because leadAffinity is embedded on your existing website, you keep all your visitors instead of sending them away to third party sites. Generate excitement on your home page with a dynamic offer widget, or integrate into your Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) and start accepting multiple offers for a vehicle.

More leads than your sales staff will know what to do with

Everybody loves a good deal. Allowing visitors to "make an offer" increases engagement. With leadAffinity, even the losers are winners - each offer becomes a hot lead for you. They're happy, you're happy.

Exclusivity and differentiation

leadAffinity Exclusivity gives your dealership the opportunity to differentiate itself from the other dealers in your area. leadAffinity dealers get the luxury of a 50 mile exclusion zone (with options for an ever larger exclusion zone). Contact us today to find out how to secure your zone!

Reserve pricing means no risk to you

leadAffinity has everything you'd expect, including setting a reserve price. You can start accepting offers at a low reserve but protect your bottom line. The terms and conditions allow you to still sell the vehicle to walk-ins so you're not locked out from selling your inventory.

Entice people with low initial offer minimums while protecting your bottom line.

leadAffinity Feature List

leadAffinity is packed with features to turn your website into a lead magnet, move inventory and keep visitors coming back.

“The most interesting and novel new idea to come to car dealers websites in a while. Using auctions is an incredible way to generate excitement on your site and receive a steady flow of leads.”

Easy to install! And did we mention free setup?

Hosted on the industry leading Amazon cloud platform, installation only requires a few lines of Javascript to be added to your website. And we never, ever charge for setup fees. Period.
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