dealerAffinity is OEM/VAR friendly! License our technology to be included in your products.

Enrich your products

Our products can be easily embedded into your product offering allowing you to offer additional value to your dealer customers.

White label

Our products can be white labelled to match your name and brand ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Flexible licensing

Ensuring our mutual success as partners is paramount. We have flexible licensing models that will allow you to offer maximum value for your customers while minimizing your risk.

Embed or Resell

Software manufacturers or website providers can license the technology in it's entirety or our products can be used in a reseller model with highly competitive margins.

Cloud, On-premise or Source code

We understand your reputation with your customers is on the line when choosing 3rd party technology. You can either used our rock solid cloud platform, host it yourself or even license our source code for total control.
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