rave IQ


What is raveIQ?

Increases conversion on your site by strategically highlighting testimonials before your customers abandon

Add beautiful testimonials in a matter of minutes

Add beautiful testimonials to your website and improve conversions.

Stop abandonment.
In. Its. Tracks.

By monitoring your visitors digital body language, raveIQ knows just when they’re trying to abandon and uses a testimonial to reenforce the reasons they should do business with you

"Nothing draws a crowd, like a crowd" - PT Barnum

PT Barnum once said “Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd”. Just like a full restaurant is more appealing than an empty restaurant, your online buyers need social proof to do business with you. Well placed testimonials tells your online visitor that you’re a good choice to do business with

Login and easily add testimonials.

Adding testimonials is as easy as logging in and adding them in our administration console. Never lose testimonials again when switch web providers and be in control of your own customer praises!

Have customer tweets become testimonials.

Ask your customers to send a tweet to you with #testimonial and see it appear on your website as a beautiful testimonial. Don’t worry, you can manually approve them first.

Example of how it shows on your site

Easy to install! And did we mention free setup?

Hosted on the industry leading cloud platform, installation only requires a few lines of Javascript to be added to your website. And we never, ever charge for setup fees. Period.
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